Multi-function Level Transmitter - LevelWizard II

Multi-function Level Transmitter - LevelWizard II. iSOLV LevelWizard II is the ideal multi-functional non-contact instrument for level monitoring and control in liquid and bulk solid applications using the time of flight, through air, ultrasound technique. In addition to the standard level measurement, it has been used in the diverse applications including open channel flow monitoring, comprehensive pump control in wet wells and differential and pen-stock control


2-Wire Radar Level Transmitter - RD700

The extremely narrow microwave pulse emitted by the antenna on radar level transmitter can travel at the speed of light and part of its energy, which is reflected off the surface of the target medium, is received again by the same antenna.

Magnetic Float Indicator

Magnetic Float Indicator - MLG28

Based on a single float and magnetic flaps or float indicator. The measuring tube that carries a float.

Level Switch

Vibration Type Level Switch - VLS Series

Vibration Type Level Switch - VLS Series. The blade of the probe vibrate on its resonance frequency. When filling material covers the blade of the probe, the vibration stops. This is sensed by the electronic circuitry and the output relay switches. When the blade gets uncovered, the vibration will restart and the relay will switch back.

Level Float Switch - LS880

Level Float Switches are simple in design and ruggedly built for long service dependability.

Side Mounted Level Float Switch - BW17

Side mounted liquid level switches are designed for horizontal mounting in a tanks or vessel through anged pipe connections. It is specially designed with an external test plunger mechanism.

Interface Level

Interface Level Transmitter - SludgeWizard Pro

SLUDGEWIZARD PRO is proven effective in monitoring and control of the Interface/Sludge blanket level, continuous level measurement of wide range areas of application specifically on Sewage & Wastewater, and Industrial applications.

Self-powered Content Gauge

DLG Digital Level Gauge

DLG is high accuracy and most rugged level gauge.

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