Water Treatment

Sewage Treatment

Triton μ system is a physicochemical sewage treatment plant, specially designed for treatment of both black (sewage) or the mixture of the back and grey water (wastewater from showers, kitchens, sinks, etc), onboard merchant ships, small yachts and cruise vessels.

Ballast Water Treatment System

Ballast Water Treatment System - With the introduction of IMO's Ballast Water Management Convention, BWTS is required to be installed on all vessels to prevent aquatic bio-invasions.

Reverse Osmosis - Fresh Water Generator

To produce reliable fresh water from the desalination of sea or brackish water.

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring System

Alarm monitoring system is widely used on vessels to monitor and display the onset of any incoming alarm from field instrument.


Anti-heeling Control

The anti-heeling system keeps the vessel ship upright during loading and unloading. With the aid of PLC and high resolution inclinometer, the system will constantly monitor and maintain the vessel heeling angle to within +/-0.5° P or S.

Fire Detection

Fire Detection System by Honeywell

Eltek Delta Fire Detection and Alarm System is a preferred system to be used in all marine and offshore applications world-wide due to its unique possibility of providing decentralized distribution of CPU controlled Detection and Alarm Modules (Delta DA).

Remote Control Valve

Remote Control Valve System

Our actuator-butterfly valve assembly is compact and reliable. This actuator-valve assembly are suitable for dry-deck or submerged installation. The rack -pinion hydraulic actuators come with a visible closed/open local indicator and an emergency port for manual hand-pump operation. These actuators can operate effectively even with hydraulic oil pressure as low as 100 bar.

Bilge Control

Bilge Control System

This bilge control panel is designed to control and monitor the operation of 9 units of electric actuated butterfly valves and 2 units of bilge pumps. Input signals from standard low level and high level float switches will automatically trigger the opening / closing of bilge valves and the starting / stopping of bilge pump.

Tank Gauging

Tank Gauging System

Flotech’s tank gauging system is designed specifically for the offshore and marine industry. The system is suitable for measurement of ballast and other water/fuel oil tanks through the use of electro-pneumatic technique, level and non-contact transmitters.

Ballast Remote Control

Ballast Remote Control System

This system facilitates the filling, discharge and tank-to-tank transfer of ballast water using HMI panel. Opening and closing of pneumatic or electric operated valves, starting and stopping of ballast pumps will be fully automatic.

Engine Fuel Oil

Fuel Oil Monitoring System

The flow meters that are installed at the inlet and outlet pipelines monitor the flow rate of the fuel. This data is sent real-time to our control panel for monitoring. The same data will also transmit to the server, provided that an internet connection is present.

Ready Light

Ready Light System

This system provides a safe and reliable signalling protocol between all the pipe-laying stations and the control centre up in the wheel-house during a pipe-laying operation. Using large diameter LED lamps greatly improved visibility at the signalling panel.

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