Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Magmeter)

Electromagnetic Flowmeter - EFS800 - CFT180 / RFT200

The measuring principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter (Magmeter) is based upon the Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction; whereby a voltage is induced by an electrical conductor passing through a magnetic field.

In electromagnetic flowmeter, the medium acts as the electrical conductor when flowing through the meter tube, the induced voltage is proportional to the average flow velocity (the faster the flow rate, the higher the voltage).

The induced voltage is picked up by a pair of electrodes (mounted in the meter tube) and transmitted to a flow transmitter to produce various standardized output signals.Using the pipe cross-sectional area, the volumetric flow rate is calculated by the transmitter.

The following equation is applicable to the induced voltage: U = kBVD where

Electromagnetic Flow Meter Working Principle


• Reliable flow measurement for conductive fluid > 5mS/cm.

• Process medium temperature, viscosity, density has no influence on the flow measurement.

• Flow sensor is maintenance free, no moving part and straight through flow tube (no pressure    loss).

• With wide selection of lining and electrodes material, flow measurement of very corrosive liquid   (e.g. acids, caustic and corrosive chemicals) is not an issue.


• Electromagnetic flowmeter can be used for precise flow measurement of all electrically    conductive liquids sludges, slurries, sewage, milk, water waste water.

• iSOLV electromagnetic flowmeter has many applications across many industries

• Water waste water Treatment

• Building Automation (HVAC)

• Food & Beverage

• Chemical

• Pulp and paper


Technical Details
Accuracy +/- 0.3% to 0.5%
Repeatability +/- 0.1%
Full Scale Range Setting 0.5 m/s to 10 m/s
Fluid Conductivity > 5µS/cm
Power Consumption <20 VA
Fluid Temperature

-25°C to 180°C (Depending On Liner Material & Coil Insulation Class)

Ambient Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Relative Humidity 0 - 97%
Calibration Certificate Wet Calibration – 3 Points (Additional Test Points Upon Request)
Model EFS 800
Size DN10-DN3800
Type Flange – DIN 2501/ ANSI/JIS
Pressure Rating Higher Pressure Rating Available On Request
Tube Material SS304
Liner Material (Wetted Parts) Hard Rubber (Std) / PTFE/ Others On Request
Signal Electrode Material (Wetted Parts) SS316 (Std)/ Hastelloy C/ Tantalum/ Titanium
Process - Flange Carbon Steel (Std)/ SS304 (Optional With Price Adder)
Housing DN 10 to DN 300: Die-Cast Aluminium With Epoxy Paint
DN 350 to DN 3800: Steel With Epoxy Paint
Grounding Rings SS304 (Std) / SS316
Flow Direction Bi-directional (Forward / Reverse)
Field Coils E class = 130°C
H class = 180°C
Protection Class IP 67 / IP 68
Removable Electrode Construction Available (Upon Request)
3rd Electrode For None Full Bore Detection Available (Upon Request)
Housing Type

Remote: RFT200
Integral: CFT180

Power Supply 8 5 – 253 VAC, 18 – 36 VDC
Display 2 x 16 Alpha Numeric Character LCD
Output Signal 4-20mA
Pulse <5kHz Frequency D. C.
Contact Relay 1 no for Alarm/ Empty Pipe
Communications Available On Request: HART/ Profibus DP/ Profibus PA/
Foundation Fieldbus/ RS485
Housing Material Aluminium Alloy
Protection Class

IP 65 / IP 67

Cable Length Remote: 10m (Std) Other Length Available up to 50m
Integral: NA
Cable Entry M20 X 1.5 (Std) / NPT ½”/ PF ½”
Note: Specification are subject to change without notice.


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