Bilge Control System

Bilge Control System for Marine / Offshore

This bilge control panel is designed to control and monitor the operation of 9 units of electric actuated butterfly valves and 2 units of bilge pumps. Even with such a large number of actuators and pumps to control, yet the control panel is only measured at 600mm(H) x 500mm(W) x 250mm(D). Logical and neat indicators and selector switches arrangement on the panel front makes it a delight to own and operate.

Input signals from standard low level and high level float switches will automatically trigger the opening / closing of bilge valves and the starting / stopping of bilge pump. Manual & Auto mode for starting the bilge valves & bilge pump is also available.


1. Bilge Control Panel.

2. Electric actuated butterfly valves complete with IP67 limit switch box.

3. Level switches for bilge tanks.

4. Bilge pump or Emergency pump starter panel.


• Cruise Ships
• Oil Tankers
• Ferries
• Container Ships
• Offshore Platforms
• Retrofit Projects
• Ro-Ro’s
• And Many Other Ship Platforms


To be customized.


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